5 Diseases Marijuana Treats Better Than Prescription Drugs

We can all pretty much agree at this point that big pharama isn’t interested in curing people but interested in making money and having more customers. Our goal is to educated the world on the many great benefits marijuana has to offer. Here is a list of 5 diseases marijuana will actually treat more...

Colorado marijuana shops maintain $136M pace for third straight month

By Alicia Wallace Colorado marijuana sales are holding steady. Cannabis shops across the state sold a little more than $136.6 million in flower, edibles, concentrates and accessories for September 2017, according to The Cannabist’s calculations on tax statistics released Thursday by the state Department of Revenue. It’s the third month in a row that combined recreational and medical cannabis sales...

The House Just Stripped Medical Marijuana States Of Protection From The DEA

By James McClure States that have legalized medical marijuana could soon get an unwanted visit from the DEA. Yesterday, Congress stunned the cannabis industry by rejecting the only legal protection preventing Attorney General Jeff “good people don’t smoke marijuana” Sessions from cracking down on those 30 states for violating federal cannabis prohibition. Back in 2014, lawmakers passed an amendment to...

Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds

Marijuana legalization in Colorado led to a “reversal” of opiate overdose deaths in that state, according to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health. “After Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis sale and use, opioid-related deaths decreased more than 6% in the following 2 years,” write authors Melvin D. Livingston, Tracey E. Barnett, Chris Delcher and...

10 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed On The Daily

With cannabis use on the rise globally, understanding what daily consumption does to the body is a pretty big subject area. With studies lagging behind the community, there is still a long way for science to come when researching the benefits of daily cannabis use. So what are some of the biggest benefits of...

Three Years After Legalizing Pot, Colorado Has The Lowest Unemployment Rate In America

Three Years After Legalizing Pot, Colorado Has The Lowest Unemployment Rate In America by Tommy Gimler They’re running out of excuses not to legalize it, gang. According to ValuBit News, Colorado’s unemployment has plummeted dramatically faster than the rest of America since recreational marijuana was legalized three years ago, falling to just 2.3 percent earlier this year while the rest of the...

THC-A Crystalline: The Purest THC on the Planet

Any concentrate you’ll be getting your hands on will not likely have a concentration higher than 50 to 80% THC. Until now. THC Supercharged THC-A Crystalline (not to be mixed up with the un-activated cannabinoid THCa) is believed to be the purest form of THC concentrate that is scientifically able to be made. With a 99.9% pure THC content,...

Study Reveals Marijuana Treats Migraine Pain Better Than Prescription Medication

In another win for marijuana research, a study has found that the active compounds in cannabis are more effective at reducing the frequency of acute migraine pain than prescription migraine meds, and with fewer side effects. The study included a total of 127 participants who suffered from chronic migraines and cluster headaches, severe headaches that...

The Worlds First Marijuana Mall Opened in Colorado

History is being made in Trinidad, Colorado, as the world’s first marijuana mall is scheduled to open this upcoming April.   Developers Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan deemed Trinidad as the perfect location to build their dream project given Trinidad’s views on law and tourism. In an interview with local news station KRDO, Elkins said, “This town...

Marijuana Can Help Heal Broken Bones Study Says

Scientists in Israel are exploring another medical use for marijuana: Their research indicates that a compound in the plant helps heal bone fractures. The new study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, found that broken bones healed faster and stronger when the patient received the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol, or CBD. “We found that...


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