Colorado is using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless

The debate about the legalization of marijuana has been prevalent in North American culture for over 50 years. The decision by the state of Colorado in October 2014 to legalize marijuanafor recreational use was seen a revolutionary by those on both sides of the divide. Colorado and Marijuana Since that decision was made nearly four years ago,...

Three Years After Legalizing Pot, Colorado Has The Lowest Unemployment Rate In America

Three Years After Legalizing Pot, Colorado Has The Lowest Unemployment Rate In America by Tommy Gimler They’re running out of excuses not to legalize it, gang. According to ValuBit News, Colorado’s unemployment has plummeted dramatically faster than the rest of America since recreational marijuana was legalized three years ago, falling to just 2.3 percent earlier this year while the rest of the...

Should your insurance company pay for medical marijuana?

Recent court rulings in Canada and the U.S. could set a new precedent for insurance companies to pay for doctor-prescribed medical marijuana. In the last few months, in consideration of the addictive potential of opiates and relatively few safety concerns over marijuana, judges in both the U.S. and Canada have ruled in favor of...

Wisconsin Moves To Be First State Ever To Nullify Federal Cannabis Prohibition Through Legislation

By Jay Syrmopoulos via The Free Thought Project   State nullification of federal marijuana prohibition is completely constitutional, with the feds having little, if any, recourse to stop the process. Madison, WI – Yet another state is moving towards legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use. However, Wisconsin is going about it in a most Constitutional way. The state of...

Treatment Of Fibromyalgia: Cannabis Drug Miracle As It Kills Pain

Treatment Of Fibromyalgia: Cannabis Drug Miracle As Patients Get quickly relief from pain Chronic pain sufferers across America now have access to powerful cannabis-based therapies for their pain. CBD clinical trials across the country are now accepting participants and many pay for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia cost.If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain,...

10 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed On The Daily

With cannabis use on the rise globally, understanding what daily consumption does to the body is a pretty big subject area. With studies lagging behind the community, there is still a long way for science to come when researching the benefits of daily cannabis use. So what are some of the biggest benefits of...

Big Pharma Will Lose $4 Billion Per Year Due to Medical Marijuana

By Joseph Misulonas One of the not-so-secret aspects of the fight against marijuana legalization is that pharmaceutical companies are actively campaigning against it out of fear they'll lose money. Well, according to a new report, Big Pharma actually does have a lot to fear. A recent report found that Big Pharma stands to lose as much as $4 billion per year if medical...

The ‘Gateway Drug’ is Alcohol, Not Marijuana

by VANDITA Researchers at the University of Florida have found that the theory of a “gateway drug” is not associated with marijuana – results from the Guttman scale indicated that alcohol represented the gateway drug, leading to the use of tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit substances. Furthermore, students who used alcohol “exhibited a significantly greater likelihood of using...

DEA says Justice Department has “effectively shut down” marijuana research

25 research proposals are sitting at the DEA waiting for Justice Department sign-off By Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett The Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions has effectively blocked the Drug Enforcement Administration from taking action on more than two dozen requests to grow marijuana to use in research, one of a number of areas in...

These Painkilling Marijuana Tampons May Be The End of Period Cramps

Marijuana is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective medicinal product by both the common public and medical professionals alike. It is known to be able to treat a variety of medical conditions, ranging from glaucoma to insomnia. However, it is probably best known for its use as a painkiller. Marijuana is used to relieve many different types of...


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