chronic pain

How Fear of Losing Their Doctor Affects Chronic Pain Patients

By Linda Cheek. As more doctors are attacked for treating chronic pain in the country, chronic pain patients are finding fewer doctors willing to provide treatment. Also, with the current non-scientifically based stance that opioids are bad, doctors are unwilling to treat appropriately. The VA, for example, proudly announces that they have decreased their opioid...


Chronic pain is a condition that we all cringe when we hear, right? Imagine being a person that suffers from pain for more than 3 months. We also know there are many conditions which cause chronic pain such as back problems, arthritis, migraines and so on. It’s sad but not much more is said about how prevalent...

Intravenous Lidocaine Safe, Effective for Chronic Pain

Lidocaine infusions were shown to provide long-lasting and adequate analgesia in 41% of patients with chronic pain, and to be associated with mild side effects in a study recently published in Pain Medicine.1 Researchers retrospectively reviewed the charts of 233 adult patients (average age, 51; 54% women) with chronic pain (average pain duration, 7.7 years; 80% with neuropathic...

This Is What Everyday Things Feel Like If You Have Chronic Pain Chronic Pain

What Does Chronic Pain Feel Like? This Is What Everyday Things Are Like For People With Chronic Pain. By JR THORPE, Sleep is often a particularly vexing experience for chronic pain sufferers, who may need medication to be able to rest properly. Stephanie McDonald, who was diagnosed 11 years ago with post-herpetic neuralgia, or nerve pain resulting from shingles,...

Beware Of Dangerous Chronic Pain Treatment Drug Has Killed Many People

by DR. HEATHER MORRIS On Beware Of Dangerous Chronic Pain Treatment Drug Has Killed Many Peopleby DR. HEATHER MORRIS A Chronic Pain Treatment drug said to be 100 times more potent than heroin has caused more than 40 overdoses and at least 10 deaths within a 12-day span in the Sacramento area.Health officials are warning people to watch out for counterfeit pills containing Fentanyl,...

CBD for Chronic Pain, What You Need to Know

For a long time now, CBD oil has been touted as an effective pain reliever. The claims may need more research before the oil can start flying off the shelves. For now, the main hindrance is that most people don’t really know much about CBD and what it does for chronic pain. In this...

New Vaccine for Fibromyalgia Treatment that Actually Work.Must Read

By Donna Gregory Burch If someone could give you a vaccine that would cure your fibromyalgia, would you do it? That may sound like a dream, but it’s closer to reality than you might think. Los Angeles-based biomedical firm EpicGenetics and Massachusetts General Hospital researchers are seeking approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conduct...

When Doctors Accuse Chronic Pain Patients of Drug-Seeking

By Clarice Bromley A few days back, I went on my weekly visit to my general practitioner, this time to ask for my well overdue pain medication prescription. This was because I had waited three months after my pain medication ran out to renew it due to many people telling me how “reliant” I am on...

To Anyone Working in the Medical Field Who Comes Across a Chronic Pain Patient

Written By Ashley Seymour This is a letter to anyone who works in the medical field that comes across someone with chronic pain.  I live in chronic, 24/7, 365 pain. I am not a drug addict. When I tell you that my pain is constant, I’m not saying that to be dramatic. I wake up in pain, exist in...

Managing Emotions While Living with Chronic Pain

By Barby Ingle, Columnist Before navigating through the minefield of the healthcare system, we need to get our own lives in order first. It is important to learn the tools to manage chronic pain in a biological, psychological, social and spiritual approach. This can be quite tricky to do, if you don’t put effort into each...


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