Verbal Abuse Can Damage Our Brain And Cause Anxiety Disorders

Life has certainly proven to you that the traditional quote “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is totally untrue since words can be really hurtful and can cause huge damage sometimes.   According to science, verbal abuse, either it’s bullying/cyberbullying, or it comes from a parent or partner, causes major physical...

I Have To Keep A Neat House Because Clutter Triggers My Anxiety

By Wendy Wisner I get this itch every few months to trash or donate about half the things we own. I look around and all I see are unused toys, mismatched pieces of Tupperware, clothes that don’t fit, and wires belonging to god-knows-what electronic device that is probably broken or lost. It’s the same itch I...

6 ways good parents contribute to their child’s anxiety

By Karen Banes Kids have it hard these days. It doesn’t seem like it when they’re playing on their $500 tech gadgets, but they do. Twenty-first century living is taking its toll, and many kids are finding it hard to cope. The number of children dealing with anxiety has been increasing steadily for decades, with up to 25 percent...

Anxiety Makes You Look Like An Asshole

I don’t reach out to people. I’m terrified of talking on the phone and starting conversations with strangers. I’m even scared of texting certain friends and coming on too strong, of graduating from a concerned friend to an annoying nuisance. So I delete messages. I wait too long to answer back. I don’t let on...

Anxiety Is An Invalid Excuse.

By Kelly Wynne Anxiety is an invalid excuse. I just got back to my room after a failed attempt to go to class. I’m sitting here, writing this, trying to think of something to email my professor to sugarcoat what I’m feeling, to really drive home the point that class today was unbearable for me. You see...

John Green Tells a Story of Emotional Pain and Crippling Anxiety. His Own.

By ALEXANDRA ALTER Two years ago, the novelist John Green was unable to control his thoughts. His mind played relentlessly over the same fears and anxieties. At times, he couldn’t focus enough to read a menu or follow the plot of a television show, much less write a book. It was a terrifying feeling, but a familiar...

When Anxiety Triggers Anger

By E. Rose I clench my teeth and my fingers come tightly together. This must be a flashback of a time when someone (or myself) must have triggered me into an angry fit, or it’s a reaction to someone saying or doing something that is triggering this emotion in me — it’s uncontrollable anger I feel piercing my veins. It could...

24 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because of Your Social Anxiety

By Sarah Schuster When people think of social anxiety, many imagine a shy introvert who doesn’t go out and doesn’t say much. While this version of social anxiety exists, living with it is more than just being “shy.” In fact, not everyone who has social anxiety is even quiet. Social anxiety manifests itself in many ways, some which...

Habits That Can Reveal You’re Living with High-Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety can affect different people in different ways at different times. For some people, anxiety can be so crippling that they can barely leave their house. But others have found ways to cope with it. Some have developed habits that allow them to be contributing members of society, even though on the inside they...

To the Wife Who Has Anxiety and Depression, From Your Husband

By Brandon Geib To my wife and my best friend, When we first met five years ago, I never thought I would be writing this. As we stood on stage in front of all of those strangers, acting our hearts out, I never once believed we would find ourselves here. We’ve come a long way. When we first...


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