This is one of the biggest u-turns in medical history.

For years, fears over vaccines and the onset of autism have been dispelled by medical professionals, but this has all changed.

Parent over the years have been criticized for abstaining from getting their child vaccinated over autism fears, but now it turns out they were right all along.


There has now been release accompanying pamphlets which actually name autism as one of the potential side effects of the vaccine, when previously this claim had been denied.

Many parents claim their child’s autism is linked to a vaccine they received, but the medical professionals have been shy in coming forward to admit the link.

Autism rates in America and across the world have risen sharply in the past 20 years, in accordance with the rise in ‘recommended’ vaccines.

It is easy to listen to a media story and brush it off as conjecture, but there are many real stories out there of real families that have been torn apart by the effect that vaccine side-effects have had on their family.

Cynthia Stark is one of these parents. She says she knew immediately when her son had reacted badly to a vaccine, after all who could possibly know what is best for a child than their own parent?

She said she was pressured by the doctor into vaccinating her son and both of their lives have never been the same since.

Many mother can tell instantly that their child has been effected negatively by a vaccine such as the MMR but little help exists for these parents.

This is just one case among thousands of others out there which can be found with just a little searching.

The health bodies still don’t want the general public to know the real dangers of these vaccines, and keep their potentially harmful side-effect as hidden as they possibly can.

Via A Mind Unchained