Sales of medical cannabis in Florida started this year, and the numbers are very promising so far. Experts think that by 2020, medical cannabis sales in Florida will reach $1 billion. It’s clear that medical marijuana patients have embraced the remedy. However, it’s also important that many doctors decided to support medical cannabislegalization.

When in 2016 people voted for the legalization of cannabis, there were only 300 doctors who could prescribe medical cannabis. Today, there are over 1200 MDs who are ready to grant you a medical marijuana card in Florida.

Only in Miami, you can choose among 300 licensed specialists who are ready to prescribe you medical cannabis. In Tampa area, there are as much as 200 MDs. Medical cannabis dispensaries are appearing all over the state as well. The cannabis business is blooming so fast that the Gov. Rick Scott signed a law which permits medical marijuanapatients in Florida to obtain a medical cannabis card in only 90 days after a visit to the doctor.

1200 Doctors are Ready to Help Florida Medical Marijuana Patients 1

Why is Medical Marijuana so Popular in Florida?

Well, the statistics are simple: Florida is the third most populated state in the country – with 21 million dwellers. 20% of inhabitants are people older than 60.

Elders are actually the most stable users of medical cannabis in Florida because of numerous ailments.

Just read about the first medical marijuana dispensary which opened in the Villages, a place where people come to retire. Moreover, you must take into account that the elder population is likely to grow as the nationwide population gets older over the next 20 years.